Omni sensuous traces of light


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Introduction to film, music and book "Omni sensuous traces of light"

On our Planet, space and time-limited point of the universe, evolutionary processes in the creation, development, maturation and transformation of the light through matter (people, animals, plants, crystals, etc.) have been occurring for billions of years. All these processes are the ideas created from the light. They are still present in us and around us and give us the ability to create a whole system of spiritual and scientific beliefs and symbols, through which our present civilization exists, using the average of 8% of its Intellect.


Precisely for this reason, the official science and various religious denominations do not always find the way to the truth from the light, which is often different from the truth confirmed by the official results of science. This is because those 92% of our intellect that is dormant and lives in a passive state with no communication with all dimensions of existence in the environment and the Universe.


The film you are about to see activates the light within the human being, captivates the rhythm and sound of new communications in the universal and God's ancient idea of the human being, and gives the opportunity to ask ourselves what the truth is within us that eagerly awaits its new awakening in the consciousness of the spiritual and the secular. Sound and light units of the other-worldly penetrate the sensuous life of our environment; create new forms by means of man and his advanced technologies, knowledge, experience, scientific principles and different beliefs. In this man's quest for his own truth, it remains still unfinished, what is it that manages, creates, develops and breaks down the materially visible world of the Universe.


The longing of science and numerous religions to prove the divine, to claim or to modify, usually has the effect of a bulldozer tidying up a glass shop.


When we use only the sensuous Intellect, the farthest we are from the truth, because we do not use it to its full capacity, we only take knowledge and experience from the past of the geo-centric system of our planet. When we use all sensuous Intellect, we begin to use emotions in a timeless and spaceless system, which is constant change dynamics of the Universe. There in the spectrum of divine lights intertwine all the truths, questions and answers at any time, past, present and future.


The music and the shots with sculptures that are the contents of this projection lead us to the material world of the form of rational, which arose from the other-worldly in all sensuous state of mind. Acoustic sculptures created in this way help the sound to penetrate a timeless and spaceless light 13th dimension. The contents of these resonant units have given me many answers and helped me create so many services for myself and the community, which sometimes even made me surprised.


The purpose of presented relationship between other-worldly all sensuous and my sensuous environment is not to teach someone, does not require anything, does not prophet, is not binding, but it raises many questions: can we by means of these and similar sound and light forms find our way to our unknown or create a new form of communication through the material world of tangible forms and penetrate the eternal truth of light and divine.


Vladimir Labat Rovnjev


Short film about the book, sculptures, animation and concerts